Private Practice

The Opportunity

The ability to remain fiercely independent becomes more and more difficult, and often, we feel our markets are closing in on us. The most common reasons for this feeling, many hospitals do not see the value in working collaboratively with independent physicians. They tend to prefer employing everyone, and for many groups, they became independent for a reason and desire to stay independent. The second force we are up against, many independent groups are selling out to private equity firms. And lastly, hiring Sr. Executive Leadership with years of experience is becoming more difficult. Without strong administrative leadership, it is difficult to move your group forward. Align has proven experience in turning practices around where they are again thriving and growing in their markets.


Leadership Empowerment
Strategic Plan


Workflow Improvement
Team Building
Staff Empowerment

Business Development

Business Development

Hospital Partnerships
Service Specialization
Market Expansion
Practice Differentiation

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