Hospital Partnerships

The Opportunity

Each day, hospital administrators are confronted with many issues, of which all are important. Especially when you are in a very competitive market and patients have choices. One of the daily issues is a physician’s/surgeons perception of what does not work well. This causes frustration on both sides of the aisle as it is difficult to get both parties working on solutions vs. finger pointing. It is clear both need each other to effectively and safely take care of patients we serve in our community. Align has effectively found ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies by aligning incentives between the hospital and the physicians.

Physician Engagement

Improve Working Culture
Redefine Traditional MSAs
Align Physicians/Hospitals Incentives

Efficiencies & Workflow

Identify & Improve Inefficiencies
Workflow Evaluation
Utilize Analytics To Tell Your Story

Patient Satisfaction

Focus On The Patient Journey
Identify Barriers To Care
Staff Engagement Incentives

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